The data speaks for itself – here are the companies that enrich the quote journeys, underwriting decisions and customer understanding of Ignite brokers

Nuon AI

Ignite’s integration with Nuon AI gives our brokers access to cutting-edge price optimisation tools.

While the AI is finding profitable growth for the insurer, Nuon’s AI is learning the behaviour of the end customers’ propensity to buy
Paul Doran, Nuon AI

Lexis Nexis

Ignite supports Lexis Nexis’ Broker Intelligence product, and bespoke integrations.

“One access point to Lexis Nexis for Ignite brokers helps speed risk decisions, supports new business and renewals”
Graham Tooke, Lexis Nexis


Percayso Inform’s insurance intelligence goes beyond traditional data enrichment.

“Access to accurate, powerful and up to date data is increasingly important so we’re delighted to to partner with Ignite to give their clients a real competitive advantage”
Ian Lilley, Percayso Inform


Ignite brokers enrich their understanding of vehicle risks with dozens of additional data points.

Key additional insights:

  • Last MOT date
  • Odometer reading
  • MOT failure dates
  • Vehicle history
Sanctions checking

Ignite supports HM government sanctions checks at point of quote using our own proprietary systems.

Key features:

  • Client validation
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
Data Hosting

Ignite allows brokers to host their own data sets for referencing, customer loyalty, anti-fraud and other additional data enrichment.

Use cases include:

  • Existing/historical customer data
  • Block lists
  • Profiling
Loqate GBG

Ignite brokers use Loqate GBG for location intelligence data across all product lines.

Example data points:

  • Property footprint and volume
  • Road access
  • Flood risk

Ignite motor brokers use MyLicence at point of quote to reduce fraud and cut our unnecessary questions.

MyLicence provides:

  • Licence validation
  • Licence dates/types
  • Full motor conviction history

Thatcham are a cornerstone of rating data for motor insurers, supporting the ABI lists.

Available data includes:

  • Engine particulars
  • Electronic features
  • Model variants

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