How to acquire an Ignite system

Toby MacLachlan, 6 June 2018

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide to how to acquire the Ignite Broker system.  

1. Give us a call.  We need to talk to you about your requirements to understand if we can help with what you need.  What we do is all on the Systems pages of the website but it is crucial for us to understand your requirements and aspirations. 

2. Have a demo.  If we’ve talked and got on and decided Ignite might be able to help then the next step is a web-demo.  We organise a screenshare for you and your colleagues/decision-makers because seeing is believing.  The demo usually takes about 1-2 hours depending on how well it goes and how many questions you ask. 

3. If you’re still interested then it’s NDA & Fact Find time.  This is a simple Non-Disclosure Agreement followed by a one-page Fact Find that tells us a bit more about your company (size, premium, insurers, quote volumes, users, etc).  The NDA is for your peace of mind, and the Fact Find allows us to send you a…

4. Proposal.  This document we send you summarises your requirements, the system features Ignite will deliver (bespoke and out-the-box) and sets out an indicative range of pricing for the Ignite system based on what we know so far.  If you like us and you like the Proposal, then we need to do a… 

5. Scope!  The most important phase.  Now the real work begins.  Ignite will send a friendly Business Analyst and Managing Director to your offices to detail all your requirements.  Depending on the complexity of the project this could involved a number of visits and gathering … well … everything: question sets, branding, documents, workflows, process flowcharts, integrations, bespoke work, schemes, and much more.  We charge for the scope (how much depends on the size of the project) which sorts the chancers from the dancers.  The scope is essential to aligning expectations and bottoming out requirements so don’t take it lightly! 

6.  Once the scope is completed then we can give a contract certain quote.  The scope forms an annex of the contract and is a key deliverable.  Make sure anything that is required is in the scope because if it isn’t then it won’t be delivered! 

7. Contract signed and the project is scheduled.  You’ll be assigned a Project Manager, a Business Analyst and a Test resource.  We’ll have a kick-off meeting and boom – we’re off and running.  


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