How to do a contract with a Software House

Toby MacLachlan, 27 September 2018

It’s a rare thing that we have to refer to a contract with a client. In 99% of cases we sign it, put it in a draw, get on with the business of delivering systems and writing policies. But it does happen, and it happened last week. So here are some learnings from that process for future clients:

In fairness, contracting with a new software company is not something brokers do every day so here are a few tips: 

  1. Decide what is important to you and make sure that’s in the contract
  2. If timescales are important to you put them in the contract
  3. If certain functionality is important to you, make sure it is in scope

Sounds simple, but you’d be amazed how often expectation and reality are not aligned.

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