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Toby MacLachlan, 1 September 2016

Q. What is a disaster recovery plan? 

1). A document put together to keep prospective clients happy

2). Something you test and review every month and hope you’ll never invoke

3). Don’t know.

It turns out insurance software companies don’t all choose option 2.

At Ignite we have a fully documented, regularly tested, and regularly reviewed disaster recovery plan.  This involves hosting in multiple locations, and even physical back-ups.  It always feels like overkill (after all we’ve never had a disaster in 5 years of trading).  But recent events at one of our esteemed competitor’s data facility has made it all seem very worthwhile.  They’ve been down for over a week, with probable loss of data, and untold damage to both their clients’ businesses and their client relationships.  

If you’re a user of that company that is having these problems, then our hearts go out to you.  You delegate this responsibility to your provider and you’ve been let down.  To be unable to write business or chase renewals, see diaries, access documents, must be awful.  Good business is built on trust and this will be hard to recover from.  

As the dust settles we sincerely hope the effect has not been too detrimental. 

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