No-code – speed & simplicity

Toby MacLachlan, 15 March 2021

It is a common misconception that software developers dream in code.

Despite having more than a million lines of code in our platform, we actually dream of no-code.

What is no-code?

No-code is the term for a platform that allows non-technical system users the ability to setup and configure their system using codeless graphical interfaces. For an insurance platform this means that our clients can customise their own systems, rather than having to try to describe what they want and have it built by a bunch of guys in Star Wars hoodies. No-code implementations for our specialist brokers is a key milestone on Ignite’s product roadmap.

What are the advantages of no-code?

In short: speed, reduced cost, and simplicity. Systems can be set up by our BA team on the day of delivery. The setup cost is greatly reduced by removing expensive coding resources. And finally the simplicity of implementation negates the misunderstandings and complexities of scoping and translating requirements. No-code means that our clients get the entirety of Ignite’s large and sophisticated broker system implemented to their bespoke requirements in a matter of weeks not months or years.

Will our clients need to learn no-code?

No! It’s our belief that low-code or no-code should be part of Ignite’s arsenal, not a client’s. At present Ignite Broker clients can amend their question sets, pricing, documents, workflows, users, accounting rules, add-on products, etc… but in reality our expert team of BAs manage that for them. The result of no-code is that our brokers can focus on winning business, client relationships and profitability. System updates happen seamlessly in the background: quickly and low cost. Nice.

Low-code vs no-code?

There’s basically no difference. If you had to pinpoint one, it’d be that low-code admits it can’t do everything, whereas no-code pretends it can.

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