Product Roadmap 2020

Toby MacLachlan, 20 November 2019

In 2019 Ignite delivered some truly exciting developments on our product roadmap. We stepped up our data enrichment portfolio by integrating with Lexis Nexis and MyLicence; we re-wrote our entire front-end in vue.js with Web APIs to make development of beautiful customer-facing sites quick and dexterous; we overlaid Microsoft’s PowerBI on our client databases to provide powerful reporting dashboards.

Enough of that trumpet – what does 2020 hold? Here are a few highlights:

  • Multi-Cover. You’ve seen Admiral and a few others do it. Well, this facility will be coming to Ignite users in 2020. Any end-customer buying a second policy can align their renewal dates and have a single direct debit, as standard.
  • Intelligent Add-ons. Brokers often have a large suite of add-on products available but offering dozens to customers is confusing and off-putting. Ignite is building a machine learning tool that looks at the demographics of previous customers’ purchases to recommend the most relevant add-ons, and at the right price.
  • Machine Learning. Working with dozens of brokers and major aggregators Ignite sees a lot of data. We obfuscate this data (get rid of personal details like names, contact details, addresses) and store it. In 2020 we’re launching a project to leverage this data using Microsoft Azure’s Machine Learning toolkit to give regular insights to our brokers and insurers.

All these projects will run alongside our usual innovation day initiatives, 3 exciting new client projects (2 of which are top-50 UK brokers), and recruitment to grow both our Manchester and Mysore teams.

2020 promises to be quite a year.

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