You are being watched

Toby MacLachlan, 28 January 2016

Perhaps we ought to have some sort of disclaimer.  

We make the most of the data we can get.  So right now we know: where you are, what company you work for, what computer you are using, which browser you are using, how you came to our site, which Google ad you clicked on.  Hell, we even know if you’re reading these words and how long it has taken you to do so.  

Creepy?  Hopefully not.  

Of course, the idea is that we see who’s just lost on the internet and who is serious about knowing more about the cutting edge of insurance software.  

If you just read the blog and don’t look at the systems features, don’t worry, we won’t be bothering you.  If you do look through the nuts and bolts, we might just give you a call or an email.  

Which is all good, serious, useful stuff for us.  

But the funny part: well, this all means we know exactly how often our competitors visit our site…

Thanks guys – it’s nice to know we’re getting noticed so much! 

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